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HMI Panel MT series | Touch Screen Mimic Process Display | SCADA

Model : MT035  |  MT058  |  MT084 |   MT104
Touch Screen  : 
3,5" (MT035), 5.7” TFT (MT058), 8.0" (MT080), 10.4" (MT104)
320 x 240/800 x 600/640 x 480
Dimensions mm : 130x106.2x36 / 186.5x145.4x42 / 232.5x175.8x49 / 315x241x60
Comms : RS232/422/485/Ethernet/USB Host 2.0

HMI operator’s panels (MT series) are devices for the visualization of industrial processes and they are designed to work in tough industrial conditions. We offer panels with screen dimensions: 3.5”, 5.7”, 8.0" and 10.4”.

Ca 200 communication drivers enable the communication with almost averything available on the automation market, PLC controllers, frequency converters and temperature controllers (among others, MODBUS protocol).

The HMI Panel is delivered with Master tool software which allows configuration including such elements as:
synoptic screens – presenting the automated process. The user has at his disposal a rich library of graphic elements (several thousands of graphics). 

Bespoke self designed graphics can also be used in the following formatts: BMP, JPG and GIF.
Macros – allowing calculations on process variables and simple control through dissipated I/O modules.  
Recording - data and events (data can be stored in a battery-operated memory).
Recipes – sets of technological parameters stored in PLC controllers, depending on the selected product.
Alarm blocks – can also be stored in a battery-operated memory.

The software service is facilitated by the developed help system and extensive documentation, thanks to that, the application write is simple and comfortable.

HMI Touch Screen PLC Mimic 

Touch Screen HMI PLC Process Display Mimic

 HMI  Touch Screen PLC Mimic
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