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Ultrasonic level meters ULM – 53 for continuous non-contact level measurement of liquids and solids
ULM70 Ultrasonic Transmitter
Outstanding contrast OLED display
Quick view measured values on the display 
Advanced intelligent signal processing Mapping of false reflections 
Easy adjustment without measured material 
Current output (4 ... 20 mA), HART® Atex

Measuring Ranges

ULM–70_–02 0.2 ... 2 m 4...20 mA
ULM–70_–06 0.25 ... 6 m 4...20 mA
ULM–70_–10 0.4 ... 10 m 4...20 mA
ULM–70_–20 0.5 ... 20 m 4...20 mA

ULM 70 Ultrasonic Sensor


Ultrasonic level meters ULM – 53 for continuous non-contact level measurement
ULM53 Ultrasonic Level Sensor 4...20mA
For continuous level measurement of liquids (even if polluted),
paste and mash materials in open or closed vessels, open channels and sumps
Configuration and adjustment of min. and max. measuring range by two buttons
Current (4 ... 20 mA) or voltage (0 ... 10 V) output
LED state indication
Easy and quick connecting by connector

Measuring Ranges

ULM–53_–02 0.2 ... 2 m 4...20 mA / 0...10V
ULM–53_–06 0.25 ... 6 m 4...20 mA / 0...10V
ULM–53_–10 0.4 ... 10 m 4...20 mA / 0...10V
ULM–53_–20 0.5 ... 20 m 4...20 mA / 0...10V

ULM 70 Ultrasonic Sensor

Nivowave® NW 5000

Sensor, transducer and controller unit

Integral unit with compact design
Easy installation and commissioning
Programming via integrated keypad or Nivowave PC-Software
NW 5000 series optimised for measurement in solids
NW 5000L series optimised for measurement in liquids 
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter | Level Probe | Level Sensor 

Nivowave® NW 4000

Transducer and controller unit

Very attractive cost/performance ratio
Easy programming via Nivowave PC-Software
Compact unit without display and keypad
NW 4000 series optimised for solids
NW 4000L series with 2" thread for basic measurements and short distances 

 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter | Level Probe | Level Sensor

Nivowave® NW 2000/1000

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter – NW 1000

Sensor for use with controller NW 2000 series

Easy installation and wiring
For process temperatures up to 150°C
Optimised for applications in solids and challenging measurements in liquids

Level Controller – NW 2000

Controller and evaluation unit for transducer NW 1000 series

Clearly arranged display
Easy programming via integrated keypad or Nivowave PC-Software
5 freely programmable Relays
Relays state indication via LED
500m (1650ft) distance to transducer possible 

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter 

Nivowave® NW 9100

PRS/ EDGE Modem – NW 9100

Remote configuration of all parameters
Remote support for the whole application
To be combined with one of our Service packages