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This new safety device is capable of monitoring several safety sensors and commands
at the same time. These can be safety light curtains, safety photocells, emergency stops,
safety mats, magnetic or mechanic switches, two-hand controls, etc.
Thanks to MOSAIC’s modular and expandable structure, it is possible to adapt its I/O
configuration and functionality to the demands of each application. This makes MOSAIC a
highly versatile and flexible safety controller.
MOSAIC has solid state and/or relay outputs. They can be instantaneous or delayed

▪Configurable safety controller
▪Safety level: SIL 3, PLe, Cat. 4
▪Easy and intuitive graphic configuration software (MSD - Mosaic Safety Designer)
▪Compact design:
- single module dimensions 22.5 x 99 x 114.5 mm
▪Max 72 inputs and 8 OSSD pairs
▪Max 7 expansion units in addition to Master M1
▪M1 stand alone main unit:
- 8 safety inputs, 2 OSSD pairs with separate EDM and Start/Restart
- configurable via PC through USB interface
▪MI8O2 expansion unit:
- 8 safety inputs, 2 OSSD pairs with separate EDM and Start/Restart
▪MI8 and MI16 expansion units:
- with 8 and 16 safety inputs
▪MO2 and MO4 expansion units:
- with 2 and 4 OSSD pairs with separate EDM and Start/Restart
▪MR2 and MR4 relay units:
- with 2 and 4 guided contacts safety relays
▪MB expansion units for connection to the most common industrial Fieldbus systems:
- PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, CANopen
▪Communication between units via proprietary high speed bus (MSC - Mosaic Safety
▪Simple diagnostics via led signaling and configuration software
▪Memory card configuration storage (MCM - Mosaic Configuration Memory)