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Light curtains conceived for those industrial and automation applications in which object detection, measurement and recognition are necessary.
Depending on the number and position of the intercepted beams, Metron is able to provide the relevant information to a PC or PLC in real time. That is:

- Dimensional measurement
- Profile or shape detection
- Position detection
- Piece counting
- Discrimination of object presence or absence

All the operating functions are integrated into the receiver, therefore Metron needs no external control unit.
Metron can be equipped with an RS-485 serial output and/or with 0/24V pnp solid state outputs, through which the relevant data can be transmitted to the PC/PLC.

The Metron operation and operating modes can be programmed via the Metronconf special software, supplied with each light curtain. It can be installed on any PC and it is provided with a user-friendly graphic interface.

In order to fulfil any application requirement, the Metron is available in various models, having different beam spacing (resolution), that is 5, 10, 25, 30, 50 and 75 mm, and whose controlled heights vary from 140 mm to 2525 mm.

Possibility of connecting up to 8 light curtains, even having different heights and beam spacing, on just one serial line (complex systems for multi-dimensional measurement).
Complete diagnostics system.

Special customised models available upon request.

Conforming to:

- 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
- 23/73/EEC Low Voltage Directive