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Digital Bargraph Indicator: Dual Channel Universal Input, Math, RS-485, Analog & Logic Outputs - NA3 | NA5 | NA6

Programmable multicolour bargraph indicators NA3, NA5 and NA6 type are designed to measure and recording d.c. current or d.c. voltage, temperature, resistance and other non-electrical magnitudes like: level, flow, pressure, humidity. Bargraph indicators offer both a high measurement accuracy and visualization of the process . Visualization of the process is possible using our 3 and 7-coloured bargraph which are built with diodes made with gallium nitride technology. Applications fields include, industry, pumping stations and sewage-treatment plants, chemical industry, weather stations, brewing industry and many other fields where they are destined for visualisation of the measured value and monitoring process variable trends. They can also find application in automation systems where programmable controllers are applied.

NA3 type – horizontal, 1 channel with 3 options - Bargraph only - Bargraph + Display - Display only
NA5 type – vertical, 1 channel - Bargraph + Display 
NA6 type – vertical, 2 channel  with 2 Bargraphs and 2 Displays

Math Functions:
Square Root Extraction √SQRT
Square (Power) 2
Copy Channel

Measurement of the input quantity and displayed on the LED display and on the bargraph, linear characteristic, arithmetical: raising to a power, extraction of roots(additionally in NA6 type, operations in channels: summation, subtraction, multiplication, division), programming of the bargraph colour and resolution, signalling of the set alarm value exceeding, recording of the measured signal in programmed time intervals, maximal and minimal memory,programming of the measurement averaging time,programming of the indication resolution, lockout of parameter introduction by means of a password, servicing of the RS-485 interface in MODBUS protocol, both in ASCII and RTU mode, galvanic isolation.

Input: programmable 0...300 mV, 0...200V, - 5...60V, current: 0...200 mA, 0...2A, T/C, RTD, 0...4/10 ohm
Output: programmable analog, relay (8 X NA6), RS-485 with MODBUS protocol,
Supply: 95...230...253 V a.c./d.c., 20...24...40 V a.c./d.c.
Dimensions: 96 x 24 x 125mm (NA3 type), 48 x 144 x 92mm (NA5 and NA6 type)

 NA5 NA6
Bargraph Indicator
Data Sheet
NA3      NA5      NA6

NA3      NA5      NA6