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P30U Universal Transmitter Digital Indicator Rail Mount Transducer - Square Root Extractor - Data Logger/Recorder

The P30U Universal transmitter will accept almost any input signal condition, display the measured value, trigger relay alarms, retransmit 4...20mA, 0...10V and act as Modbus master or Slave. The P30U also has the ability to data log the measured value. The archives are available on SD memory or can be accessed over Ethernet. The DIN rail mounting transducer accepts universal inputs from almost any signal condition, 4…20mA, 0…10V, resistance, PT100, RTD, mV, Thermocouple, Modbus master or slave. The Universal transmitter is programmable via keypad or LP config software with password protection & error diagnostics. Electronically Linearized temperature measurement for use with PT100 RTD devices and Thermocouple sensor. The possibility to write your own 21 point linearization curve. Conversion of linear resistance variation to a standard analog current / voltage signal. Auxiliary sensor supply option for 2-wire transmitters, all channels galvanically isolated. On/Off process control possible using relay alarm contacts. The P30U Universal transmitter also performs mathematical functions including flow square root extraction.

P30U : P30U Universal Transmitter Digital Indicator Rail Mount Transducer 
: Universal - V d.c, mA, RTD, mV, T/C, RS485 Modbus Master or Monitor
Analogue Output : 4...20mA or 0...10Vdc defined below re-transmission
Supply :  85...253Vac/dc or 20...40Vdc
Alarm Output : Max 2 x NO Contacts
Math Functions : √SQRT Square Root Extraction Flow Measurement, Square of the measured value, Inverse of the measured value, Inverse square of the measured value ,Inverse square root of the measured value.
21 Point Curve
: RS485 interface Modbus RTU Slave, RTU Master or Monitor
Recording Data
: 4MB internal or 4GB external with optional SD/SDHC card
Keypad or via RS485 Modbus interface using free LPConfig software
Firm Ware : Upgradeable by the user

P30U Universal Digital Indicator Logger Wolf Process Automation 
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